How to Program a Time Warner Universal Remote to a DVD Player

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Insert a DVD disc inside of the DVD player to progam a Time Warner Universal Remote to the player..

A Time Warner Cable universal remote control can be programmed to control electronic devices other than a television set, such as a DVD player. When the Time Warner remote control is programmed to use with these other devices, you have the option of putting the remote controls for those devices away. A Time Warner universal remote can be manually programmed with any DVD player you own by using the remote to find the exact code for the DVD player.


Step 1

Turn the DVD player on. Place a DVD inside of the player. Going to the DVD's main menu screen is unnecessary.

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Step 2

Press "DVD" on the remote. The "DVD" button blinks once.


Step 3

Hold down the remote's "Setup" button until the "DVD" button blinks twice. Then, release the "DVD" button.

Step 4

Enter the code "9 9 1" using the number buttons on the Time Warner remote. The "DVD" button blinks twice again.


Step 5

Aim the Time Warner remote at the DVD player. Press the "PWR" button one time.

Step 6

Press "CH+" on the remote continuously until the DVD player shuts off. It may take several minutes for the player to shut down.

Step 7

Press "Setup" on the remote immediately after the DVD player turns off. The code is saved in the Time Warner remote.