How to Program a Yamaha RAV311 Receiver Remote

By Robert Ceville

The Yamaha RAV311 remote is capable of controlling a wide range of various receiver and television models. It has been designed to work with its entire line of AV products. If you are new to setting up the Yamaha RAV311 and don't have the User's Manual on hand, you might feel over your head. Luckily, Yamaha has made the process of programming the RAV311 remote rather simple.

Step 1

Power on your receiver or television by pressing the "Power" button on the front panel of the device.

Step 2

Press the "DTV/Cbl" button on the remote while pointing it at the AV device.

Step 3

Press the "AV" button on the remote for five seconds while pointing it toward the television. You will need to be within close proximity of your television to make the signal connection. If you are programming for a TV, hold down the "TV" button for five seconds instead. For programming a DVD player, hold down the "AV" and "DVD" buttons together for five seconds.

Step 4

Enter the four-digit code for the device by using the green numerical buttons. You can get the device codes by performing a search online for your model number. These codes are located in the back of the User's Manual. After the code has been entered, you will see "Remote Setup OK" appear on the screen.

Step 5

Test the remote by pressing the power button. It should now turn off the receiver or television. If not, verify that you are using the correct device codes and repeat these steps.

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