How to Put a Computer Program Onto a Flash Drive

Computers can do many tasks. They can make videos, create rock music and make databases, if you have the right program. If you want to make a program portable, you can install it to a flash drive, and then any computer that has a USB drive can use the program.

Step 1

Insert the USB flash drive into the computer's USB drive.

Step 2

Find a program that you want to install, whether that be online or from a disc. If the program has to be downloaded online, right-click the file, click "Save Target As" and hit "Save."

Step 3

Open the program. If it is a downloaded file from the Internet, double-click it. If it is a CD-based program, insert it into the computer. It should automatically pop open.

Step 4

Click "Custom" install. This is where it will ask you where you want to install the program. Click the flash drive and press "Install."


Always run a virus scan on every downloaded file.


Never download a file from a site that seems questionable.