How to Put a Password on an Email in Outlook

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Put a password on your Outlook email.

Outlook is an email, contact and calendar management tool made by Microsoft. If you use Outlook on a shared computer, you can set up a password to protect your email and prohibit anyone from reading your email and viewing your Outlook data. It only takes about three minutes to set up this password.


Step 1

Turn on your computer and launch your Outlook application.

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Step 2

Click "File" in the main menu bar, then scroll down and click "Data File Management." Click the "Data Files" tab, and select the "Personal Folders file," then "Settings."


Step 3

Click on the "Change password" button and enter your new password in the appropriate field. Type your new password in the "Verify password" box.


Step 4

Make sure there is not a check mark in the box next to "Save this password in your password list." Click "OK" two times, then "Close."




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