How to Put Email on the Task Bar

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In Windows, a small section of the taskbar is devoted to a section known as the quick launch toolbar. Shortcuts can be created on the quick launch toolbar which allow applications to be launched with one click. Depending on the version of Windows that you have installed, you may have an email application such as Outlook Express on the quick launch toolbar already. However, this may not be the email application that you use. Or, you may have deleted a quick launch icon and are wondering how to get it back. Create a quick-launch icon on the taskbar to give yourself single-click access to your email program.


Step 1

Right click an open area of the taskbar and click "Properties." Confirm that there is a check in the box labeled "Show Quick Launch," and click "OK." If the quick launch toolbar was previously disabled, you will now see a small group of icons (usually three) on the bottom of the screen.


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Step 2

Find the icon for your email program. You can do this either by browsing the "All Programs" section of the Start menu or by browsing your computer through Windows Explorer.

Step 3

Right click on the icon, and click "Copy."


Step 4

Right click on the desktop and click "Paste Shortcut." A copy of the icon for your email program will appear on the desktop.


Step 5

Click the mail icon on the desktop, and drag it down to the quick launch toolbar. A small vertical black line will appear indicating the icons that your mail icon will be positioned between. Drop the icon when you are happy with the position.

Step 6

Click the quick launch icon to launch your email program. The icon that you created on the desktop can be deleted.




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