How to Put Labels on Pictures

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Use the Paint utility on any Microsoft Windows-based computer to label a picture. Labeling pictures is especially useful when you want to mark different parts of a picture to highlight their importance. Putting a label on the picture does not have to block the part of the picture below the label.


Step 1

Click "Start," type "Paint" in the Search box, and then press "Enter."

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Step 2

Press "Ctrl-O" on your keyboard when the Paint window opens.

Step 3

Navigate to the location on your computer where the picture on which you want to put a label is stored on the dialog box that opens, and then double-click the filename to open it.


Step 4

Click "Text" button, marked with an "A," on the Paint toolbar.

Step 5

Point the mouse cursor at the place on the picture where you want to put the label, and then click and drag the cursor to form a text box.

Step 6

Type the text that you want in the label. When you are done, click somewhere outside the text box.


You can toggle text box transparency so that your label blocks or doesn't block the image beneath it. Click on the boxes in Paint's toolbar that show a cylinder, and sphere and a cube: The top box causes the text box background to become opaque and the bottom box causes it to become transparent.


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