How to Put New Fuses in My Dewalt Radio

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Dewalt radios are designed for home and portable use.

Capable of running off alkaline batteries, an AC power adapter and rechargeable batteries, the Dewalt radio can work in any situation. However, in the event that the fuses inside burn out, the rechargeable option of the device might disintegrate, leaving you tethered to a wall socket or purchasing alkaline batteries by the dozen. Learning how to replace your Dewalt radio's fused ensures that your device remains functional in any environment.


Step 1

Unplug the device and unscrew all eight of the fastener screws holding the two parts of the outer shell together. Remove the screws from the back. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry open the two halves (Dewalt glues the case shut during the manufacturing process).

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Step 2

Open the case. Locate the two fuses near the bottom of the front case. Identify the fuses — small cylinders about an inch long with glass sandwiched between two metal ends. Remove the busted fuses.



Step 3

Insert the new fuses into the holders. Snap the case closed. Screw the fastener screws back into place to seal the outer case. Plug in the device and check that it is working.




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