How to Quickly Load your USB Flash Drive

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Quickly Load your USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, but they all pretty much do the same thing-they are all designed to store information. Nowadays they come with hundreds of different options from LED lights, large storage capacity, and finger print scanners-but sometimes you just need to copy a few files real quick-get in and get out! This article will show you how to quickly use your USB flash drive; it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.


Step 1

First you need to plug it into the computer. Windows should pop up a message that says it has installed new device software. Read this message, it may require you to restart your computer for it to work properly. If not, just click ok and get on your way.

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Step 2

Now you need to open up the USB flash device on your computer. Go into "my computer" and select your portable device. It should be one of the letters farther down in the alphabet, past C or D.


Step 3

Next you are ready to select your files to copy. Locate the music, movies, or other data files you wish to copy. You can either right click and copy and paste, or drag and drop-the choice is yours.


Step 4

Once you have copied your files, wait a few seconds before pulling out your USB drive. Make sure nothing is copying to your drive when you pull it out.

Step 5

Now you're done! How quick and painless was that?



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