How to Read Encrypted Files

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When on a computer that is used by many individuals, you may see an encrypted file. An encrypted file is a file that has been coded so other users cannot see or access the content. Occasionally, it may be necessary to access the information of the encrypted file, but the user who coded the file is not present. With this in mind, there are ways around the encryption that will allow other users the ability to open and read the file.


Step 1

Navigate to the encrypted file you want to open and read. Right-click the file to bring up the selection menu and click "Properties."

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Step 2

Select "Advanced" from the properties menu, which will open the "Advanced Attributes" section of "Properties."


Step 3

Click "Details," which will display all of the encryption information. Select "Add." This will open an add users window.

Step 4

Select the user (yourself) to give access to the encrypted file. Click "OK" until you return back to the "Properties" window. Once to this window, click "Apply." This will apply the changes. Click "OK" again to close out the properties window.


Step 5

Double-click the encrypted file. It will now be opened.




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