How to Read Text Messages on T-Mobile Phones

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Text messaging has become a popular capability on cellular devices. To some people, it's more useful than calling or e-mailing, and it's a simple process on T-Mobile phones. You can send and receive text messages immediately, and sort through a vast library of texts to read through your new and old messages, whether they are important directions or simple exclamations.


Step 1

Log in to the "My T-Mobile" feature on your T-Mobile phone by selecting the "My T-Mobile" icon.

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Step 2

Scroll to "Connect and Share" and select "Text Messages."


Step 3

Click "Inbox" and use the arrows to scroll to your desired text message. They will be sorted by date and time received.

Step 4

Select your desired text message by highlighting it and clicking "Read." Scroll up and down while the text is open to open and read other texts.


Step 5

Click "Open" on your screen when you have received a new text message to read it as soon as it is received.




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