How to Reboot a Lenovo Laptop

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If your Lenovo laptop is running Windows, you can restart the Lenovo laptop using the Windows Start menu or by holding down the power button. If there is a Lenovo reset button on your computer, you can use this as well. Be aware that if you force your computer to restart, you may lose data.


Restart a Lenovo Laptop

If your computer is running properly and you want to reboot it for some reason, you can do this through the Windows Start menu. Click the "Start" menu followed by the "Power" or "Power Options" button. You are given the option to "Shut Down" or "Restart" the computer. If you want to restart the computer from software, click "Restart."

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If you prefer to let the computer sit idle for a bit before restarting, which can be useful for troubleshooting issues like overheating, click "Shut Down." The computer turns off and remains off until you press the power button.

If It's Not Working

If your computer stops working and you can't get it to respond normally to commands, you may be forced to restart it more abruptly. Within Windows, one option is to hold down the "Control" and "Alt" keys on the keyboard and tap "Delete." Different versions of Windows give you slightly different menus, but you usually have the option to stop any malfunctioning program on the machine or shut it down or restart it. You may lose data if you shut down or restart the computer or halt a nonresponsive app, but it's sometimes the only way to get the computer back on track.


If this method fails, try to reset the Lenovo laptop by holding down the power button until the computer turns off and then turn it back on.

Some Lenovo computers have a physical reset button that reboots the computer. In some cases, this is a recessed button you press with a paper clip or something similar. Look for it on the underside of the laptop or contact Lenovo with questions about how to find the button.



If multiple people use your computer, such as through Windows Remote Desktop, you may want to consult with them before abruptly resetting it.

Lenovo Factory Reset Options

You can often restore a laptop to the settings and software it had on it when it left the factory. This can be useful if your computer is malfunctioning.


Back up any files you can before a factory reset so you don't lose data. If you need help with this, consult the manufacturer's tech support line or go to a computer store for help with backing up data from your hard drive.

After you're satisfied you've salvaged the data you can, start the computer while holding down the "F8" key on the keyboard to load the "Advanced Boot Options" menu. Select "Repair Your Computer" and search for the option to perform a factory reset.

Consult any documentation you have from Lenovo to see what will be installed after a factory reset if you're not sure.




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