How to Record Comcast Cable Programs

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There are two ways to record your favorite programs from Comcast Cable: on a stand-alone recording device or through the Comcast cable box. The old-fashioned way is to hook up a VCR or DVR to your cable box. Without additional equipment and extra charges from Comcast, you are limited to recording only the program you are watching. The more user-friendly approach is to record shows through your Comcast cable box, which has a DVR built in.

Recording with a VCR

Step 1

Connect the audio-video cables with the yellow, red, and white tips -- known as RCA cables -- into the audio and video outputs on the back of your cable box. Make sure you plug the yellow video plug into the yellow video out and the red and white audio plugs into the red and white audio out on the cable box.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the RCA cables to the Audio and Video "Inputs" on your VCR or DVR.

Step 3

Turn on the VCR or DVR, television and cable box.

Step 4

Locate the channel you want to record on the cable box.

Step 5

Set your VCR or DVR to record from the "Aux" input. You can do that in your VCR or DVR's setup menu.

Step 6

Put a VHS tape into your VCR or disc in your DVR and press record.

Recording with the cable box DVR

Step 1

Locate your Comcast remote control.

Step 2

Find the program you want to record. You can do that by hitting the "Guide" button on your remote. This will bring up the channel guide so you can search through to find your program.

Step 3

Press the select button on your remote when you have located and highlighted the program you want to record on the channel guide. If the program is showing at the moment, the cable box will go directly to that channel. To record the program you are now watching, press the "Record" button on your remote. If the program is on later, a menu will come up for that program. Scroll to the right using your remote until you are on the red dot. That is the record option. Press "Select" on your remote.

Things You'll Need

  • RCA Cables

  • VCR or DVR

  • DVR Remote Control