How to Recover a Latitude E6400

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How to Recover a Latitude E6400
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If the operating system on your Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer becomes corrupted or unusable, you may find it necessary to restore the computer back to factory settings. For many computers, this recovery process can be complex and involves finding the system restore disc and downloading the correct drivers to run your system components. Fortunately, Dell includes a partition on the E6400 hard drive that contains the system drivers and restore tools that makes the process quick and easy.


Step 1

Turn on the computer and tap the "F8" key several times to load the "Vista Advanced Boot Options" menu.

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Step 2

Click or use your keyboard's directional keys to select "Repair Your Computer." Press "ENTER" to open the "System Recovery Options" window.


Step 3

Select the appropriate keyboard layout for your Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer. Click "Next."

Step 4

Click "Dell Factory Tools," then "Dell Factory Image Restore." Click "Next."


Step 5

Click "Confirm Data Deletion" to proceed with the system recovery process. After clicking "Confirm Data Deletion," you will no longer be able to backup data (images, movies, document, etc.) files from the computer and the partition will be formatted. Ensure that you have backed up your system data onto another computer or removable media device before proceeding. The recovery process will take approximately five minutes.


Step 6

Click "Finish" to restart the computer. Allow the operating system to boot up completely, which completes the recovery process for your Dell Latitude E6400 laptop computer.


Performing a system recovery on your Dell E6400 laptop will format the primary hard drive partition, erasing all data files. Back up your data before starting the recovery process.