How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Programs From a DirecTV DVR

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TiVo models do allow you to recover accidentally deleted files.
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It takes dozens of people hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to make your favorite TV show -- but it takes just one second to hit the wrong button and mistakenly delete it from your DVR. Whether you can recover a deleted show on your DirecTV DVR depends on whether or not it runs the TiVo software. If it does, you can recover some shows before they disappear for good. The procedure is the same on all TiVo models.


Step 1

Select "My Shows" in the TiVo Central menu, then select "Recently Deleted." For Series3, and earlier models, select "Now Playing List" rather than "My Shows."

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Step 2

Highlight the show you want to recover, then press the "Select" button on the remote. You can only select one recording at a time to recover, even if it was originally part of a group or a series of Season Pass recordings.

Step 3

Select "Recover this show" when given the option. Take care not to select "Permanently delete" by mistake; however, if you do choose the wrong option, don't panic, as you will get a chance to undo this choice before confirming it.


On non-TiVo DVRs for DirecTV, such as DirecTV's own Genie model, there's no option to recover a deleted program. Your best option in such circumstances is to use the search feature to see if the show is being rerun in the near future, or if it is available on demand.


Do not rely on being able to recover a deleted show. Shows are only held in the "Recently Deleted" folder (and thus available for recovery) until your DVR reuses the hard drive space. Remember that although the oldest recorded show in "Recently Deleted" will generally be the first to go as the drive fills up with new recordings, this won't always be the case, as the permanent deletion process also takes into account the length of recordings.