How to Recover an MSI Laptop to Original Factory Settings

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You can recover you laptop.
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Restoring an MSI laptop to the original factory settings can resolve a number of issues with the system. Missing file logs and a multitude of changes made over the laptop's lifetime can cause stalling, fluttering and lag time, and viruses can also cause problems. A full factory reset removes all bugs and malware. MSI laptops are used primarily for gaming purposes, making speed and functionality exceptionally important.


Factory Reset Consequences

Although a factory reset removes bugs and solves large issues, it also removes all modifications and additions made to the system. The system is literally returned to the same state as when it was new. Save any wanted files and programs to an external drive before running the reset because everything that did not come with the factory original is lost in a reset.

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After the factory reset is complete, you are starting over with a fresh system. Reload the programs and files that you saved. Otherwise, nothing is needed, and you can use the system as if it's new.


After performing the factory reset, reinstalling programs is an important part of the process. An older model may not support newer games that require fast processing and a compatible graphics card. If the laptop is older, it may be worth considering an upgrade to a newer model. However, many of the older models remain relevant and useful.

Access Restore Interface

To perform the factory settings restore process, you must first access the Restore interface, which is the menu with the commands specific to the reset. The computer uses this menu to prevent an accidental factory reset that would unintentionally erase your files and programs.


To access the Restore interface, shut down the computer completely. After the shutdown is complete, start the computer and wait for the MSI logo to appear. Press F3 while the logo is active to launch a menu. This menu is the only place where the factory reset option is available. Make sure you want to complete a full factory reset before launching this menu, as it comes with serious consequences.

MSI Factory Reset

Select the "Troubleshoot" option from the menu to enter the reset panel. Several options are available, including "Reset this PC." This reset provides the option to keep or remove files, and it ultimately uninstalls and reinstalls Windows. It is a great way to restore the original settings and do a cleanup without running the complete factory restore. It means you can keep existing programs, but these programs may carry malware and viruses through the reinstallation process. A full restore is necessary to clean out the system.


To run the factory restore, select "Restore MSI Factory Settings" and "OK" after the warning. The factory restore takes at least a few minutes to complete, and the computer shuts down and restarts to finish the process. When it is complete, you can return to using the computer normally. Load new photos for backgrounds and reinstall any custom programs but be wary of anything that may return viruses and malware to the system.

The computer's speed and functionality should increase after the MSI factory reset, but accumulating new programs and loading the hard drive will ultimately have a slowing effect. Focus on your favorite gaming platforms and avoid pressing the limits of the laptop to maintain great speed.