How to Recover Deleted Text Messages From a Phone

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Sometimes, you may accidentally delete very important text messages from your phone. This becomes a problem when your phone does not have a "trash" folder where deleted text messages are transferred. Luckily, a deleted text message can still be recovered--unless new data is overwritten to the location where the message was previously saved.


Step 1

Download "Data Doctor Recovery Sim Card" to your computer (See Resources). This will help you retrieve your lost text messages. Save the file and run the installer. Finish the installation process and reboot your computer if necessary.

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Step 2

Turn off your mobile phone and remove your SIM card. Insert it into your USB SIM card reader and plug the device into a USB port on your computer. Wait for the computer to recognize the device. If the SIM card reader comes with a software driver, install it on the computer as well.


Step 3

Launch the "Data Doctor Recovery" and wait for it to completely load. Click the "Read Sim Card" icon at the upper left portion of the window for the software to search for your SIM card. If the software fails to detect the SIM card, unplug the device from the computer and make sure that the SIM card is inserted properly into the USB SIM card reader. Connect the device again to the USB port.



Step 4

Choose the type of SIM card reader you have on the next window that appears. Below the options, click "Default" and then "OK." You will be prompted that the SIM card has been successfully detected.

Step 5

Click on the "Message" icon. This is where your recently deleted text messages are listed, including the date and time they were sent, and the name and number of the sender. Click on the "Save Recovered Data to File" button at the upper portion of the window. You can save the recovered file to a local drive or external storage device.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with USB port

  • USB SIM card reader


Aside from text messages, you can also recover deleted phone book entries as well as call logs.

Other SIM card data recovery software includes Sanmaxi SIM Card Data Recovery software (See Resources).


When you accidentally delete a text message, recover the deleted message immediately before the phone is overwritten with a new file. If you are using a Smartphone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), turn off its “Phone” capability to stop it from receiving new messages for the meantime. When new messages overwrite the location of the deleted message, recovery may not be possible.



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