How to Use a Razr Without a SIM

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If you remove the SIM card from your Motorola V3 Razr and then turn the phone on, you can only make emergency calls with it. With the SIM removed, you cannot access any of the menu items like the camera. If you want to use the phone to play games or as a camera, you must locate a SIM card just so you can unlock the phone's restrictions. Use the SIM in your current phone or borrow a friend's SIM card for a few minutes. Once you have the restriction lifted, you will never need a SIM card to use the phone again.


Step 1

Download and install the P2K Advanced Editor (see Resources) to your desktop and install the software on your computer.

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Step 2

Place the SIM card into the phone. The SIM goes into the SIM cage located under the battery. After installing the SIM, turn the phone on.


Step 3

Launch the Advanced Editor and then plug your Razr into the computer with the USB cable supplied with your Razr. If you do not have the original USB cable, you must purchase a mini-to-standard USB cable.

Step 4

Go to "Phone Services" on the Advanced Editor drop-down menu, and then navigate to "SEEM functions," and then to "SEEM 4a."


Step 5

Type "SIM" in the filtering box and click "Find" to access the SIM settings, and then click on the link "Read from Phone."


Step 6

Click on the link labeled "SIM_ENABLED_PHONE." The link is located on the top of the Advanced Editor.


Step 7

Change the DEC value from "1" to "0" by highlighting the 1 with your cursor and then by selecting the 0 from the drop-down menu.

Step 8

Click on the link "Write to Phone" to install the settings changes.


Step 9

Disconnect the Rar from the USB, remove the battery and then remove the SIM card from the phone. Place the battery back into the phone and turn the Razr back on. When the Razr reboots, it no longer needs a SIM card to access the menu items.

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