How to Recycle Satellite Dishes & Receivers

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Most home satellites are two- to three-feet in diameter and can be reused.

Satellite receivers and dishes can have a significantly negative impact if just thrown away. The receivers contain lead and other toxins that can leak out when broken, and the dishes are large and can also leak toxins. Also, you can lose out on the cash refund that some companies offer when retrieving their products. Recycle your satellite products to lessen your impact on the environment.

Return to Satellite Company

Step 1

Call the satellite company that originally sold you the receiver and dish. In most cases they are willing and able to pick up the products.

Step 2

Ask the satellite company if they offer a refund for returning the receiver and dish.

Step 3

Put the receiver and dish in a medium and large box respectively. The satellite company will give you a window of time during which someone will pick up the materials, so try to be home during that time slot.

Traditional Recycling

Step 1

Call your local recycling center and ask if they process electronics. If they don't, ask if they have any suggestions for local electronics recycling centers.

Step 2

Package the receiver and dish in the medium and large boxes and add some packing materials if necessary so you can transport them more safely.

Step 3

Take the receiver and dish to the local recycling center or the electronics recycling center they suggested, or a Dell, Best Buy or Staples store, which have extensive electronics recycling programs. They may charge a small fee for processing the electronics.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone

  • Medium box

  • Large box

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