How to Sell Used Dish Network Receivers & Dish

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Sell your old satellite equipment.

So you're tired of getting Dish Network satellite service and you want to make some money off your old equipment. Even though you likely received this equipment for free upon signing up, chances are you've paid for it somewhere along the line through increased rates or fees. The equipment will also not work with any other provider besides Dish Network, so selling it to someone who can use it is always better than throwing it away.


Step 1

Call Dish Network at 1-888-686-2388 and disconnect your service. Ensure that when you are on the phone you verify that your equipment is owned by you and not leased; if leased, you will have to return the equipment or be billed full price. Also ensure that your access cards have been deactivated; you will have to do this to sell your stuff.


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Step 2

Search your receivers for your model number and list them on eBay. Take a few pictures of the receivers to show they are in good condition, and sell with any of the original accessories they came with (such as connector cords and manuals). To set a price, check other eBay listings for comparable units and see what their prices are.



Step 3

List your dish for sale on Selling them on eBay is cost-prohibitive because of the high-cost shipping. However, do not expect to receive the full retail value for the dish. The value of used dishes is diminished by the fact that Dish Network will install these for free anytime you move.




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