How to Donate a Tube TV

Older model televisions are being discarded in favor of flat-screen and plasma televisions, but getting rid of those large, heavy sets isn't always as easy one might hope. Many state laws actually prohibit the disposal of television sets containing a picture tube without first neutralizing the components of the set. So what's the alternative? Donating your old tube TV is one way to avoid prosecution and waste while ridding yourself of the outdated appliance.

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Older televisions contain picture tubes which can prove harmful to the environment if not neutralized before disposal.

How to Donate a Tube TV set


Find a charity organization that will accept a donated television. Many thrift stores, such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army, accept older-model televisions still in working condition. Some technical colleges will accept both working and non-working sets to use as parts for students in training. Call a public school in your area and ask if an older tube television would be beneficial to class instruction. You can also contact your county recycling department for referrals to places that accept donated televisions. Some recycling departments will also accept televisions for disposal on certain days of the year.


Arrange a time to drop the television off or have it picked up. Depending on how large your television is, the place accepting the television will need time to make space for the set or plan for workers to lift and move it.


Ask for a donation receipt once the television has been donated. Anytime you make a donation to a charity, school, or other non-profit organization, you are entitled to deduct that donation on your taxes. Most non-profits and public organizations will be happy to provide a receipt upon request.

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