How Do I Dispose of Old TVs in San Antonio?

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Dispose of your old TV responsibly.

Dumping an old TV in the trash may be an easy solution but it's irresponsible and bad for the environment. Texas nearly passed a TV recycling bill in 2009 but the state's governor failed to pass it. As a result, San Antonio residents have to work a little harder than non-Texans to dispose of old TVs since their city offers no municipal television disposal, nor does their state. Residents have several options to dispose of either working or nonworking old televisions and should choose the most convenient option.


Step 1

Take your old television to the nearest Best Buy. They recycle any television from any manufacturer that's 32 inches or under for $10, then provide you with a $10 coupon. Choose any of the four San Antonio Best Buy locations to dispose of your old television (see Resources).

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Step 2

Recycle Sony, Samsung, L/G, Zenith, Toshiba, Sharp, Mitsubishi or Panasonic televisions by returning them to their manufacturer. As Texas Take Back notes (see Resources), these television manufacturers offer free television recycling programs. Contact your old TV's manufacturer directly to find out more details and return the television.


Step 3

Take working old TVs to a San Antonio Goodwill, choosing any of the five locations or dozens of smaller attended drop-off sites. Find store locations and drop-off hours at Goodwill of San Antonio's website (see Resources). Avoid taking old, nonworking TVs to Goodwill, since they'll need to dispose of them.



Step 4

Place TVs in your household trash bin as a last resort. Putting old televisions in landfills places toxic waste into the environment, since old televisions contain eight to 10 lbs. of lead, notes My SanAntonio.



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