How to Return the Cable Box for FiOS Back to Verizon

By Kurt Erickson

FiOS is a media network managed by Verizon in which users can get access to high-definition television, Internet and phone service. Some users, however, find they no longer need the set-top boxes that control the TV service and would like to return it. In some instances, the set-top box becomes damaged and needs to be replaced. Verizon has designed a system that will help you return the equipment without costing you a penny.

Step 1

Contact Verizon support at 800-837-4966. Explain which pieces of equipment you want to return. Verizon will access your account and send you shipping materials. Pack the equipment according to the directions and send it off without any shipping costs.

Step 2

Send the cable box back through a shipping outlet if packing and shipping the cable box yourself is not an optimal solution. Verizon can direct you to a shipping outlet such as Mail Boxes Etc. or the UPS Store. Bring the equipment to the outlet unboxed. Store personnel will pack up the equipment and ship it to Verizon free of charge.

Step 3

Take the equipment to a special Verizon store in some of the larger cities in the U.S. The equipment does not need to be packaged. Verizon, however, requires people disconnecting their service to first call Verizon to verify which pieces must be returned. There is no cost to drop off the equipment. Verizon can provide information about which cities have these outlets.

Step 4

Call Verizon at 800-837-4966 if your cable box is broken. Verizon will send a free replacement to your home. Package the defective device with the return receipt and send it back to Verizon for no charge.

Tips & Warnings

  • Not all Verizon locations can help you exchange cable boxes. Before attempting to replace the cable box, contact Verizon at 1-800-837-4966.