How to Return DISH TV Equipment

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DISH Network sends a shipping box with all the needed packing materials to customers who are replacing or returning equipment. The box contains a prepaid return shipping label, so there's no charge for returning the equipment. However, you are expected to uninstall and pack all your equipment yourself.


If you have any questions or concerns, call DISH customer support at 1-800-333-3474. To chat online with a customer service representative, go to the DISH contact page and click Chat Now or click Email Us to send an email.

Things You'll Need

  • Packing or shipping tape

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Pliers

Disconnect and Gather Devices

After you receive the box from DISH, gather your devices for shipping. Which devices you return depend on whether you're replacing equipment with newer versions or returning all your equipment to DISH as part of service cancellation. There are three main types of equipment on loan to DISH customers:

  • Set-top receiver boxes.
  • The LNB module on the dish antenna.
  • The switch that connects the antenna to your home.

For replacement, you only need to return the receiver. For a cancellation, return the receiver, LNB unit and switch unit.


Step 1

Unplug your DISH receiver from the power outlet. This reduces the risk of electric shock while you disconnect other components.

Step 2

Disconnect the DISH receiver from your other devices. Don't pack any of the cables used to connect your devices. Only pack the receiver itself. Most disconnection is as simple as disconnecting plugs, but devices that use a screw-on coaxial connector may require pliers to remove.

LNB Unit

Step 1

Find your DISH antenna. It's on the outside of your house, likely on the roof or attached to the side of your home. The low-noise block unit is mounted on the end of the boom pointing back at the satellite dish.

Step 2

Locate the screws attaching the LNB unit to the boom and remove them with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Carefully detach the LNB unit from the boom and bring it inside for packing.


If you feel unsafe retrieving the LNB, contact DISH Network customer service so a waive code can be applied to your account. The waive code prevents DISH from charging you for not including the LNB in the return box.

Switch Unit

Step 1

Locate the DISH Network switch box. It's on the outside of your home, likely near the DISH antenna. It should have coaxial cables attached leading both to the antenna and into your home.

Step 2

Open the switch box and disconnect the coaxial cables from the switch unit. You may need pliers to unscrew the connectors.

Step 3

Remove the screws that secure the switch to the box using a Phillips screwdriver. Close the switch box and take the switch inside for packing.


You should only perform this task if you feel you can do so safely. If you feel you can't remove the switch unit safely, contact DISH customer service.

Pack the Devices

Pack the devices you gathered into the shipping box for transport. The packing materials you receive from DISH may vary, depending on what equipment is to be returned. DISH also includes a packing slip with instructions.

Step 1

Slip your receiver(s) into the provided plastic sleeves.

Step 2

Attach the foam inserts onto each end of the receiver.

If you're returning two receivers, you should have receiver inserts designed to hold two receivers. Lay one of these special inserts flat on a table as a base and insert the receivers vertically. Then attach the other insert.

Step 3

Carefully slide the receivers and foam inserts into the box.

Step 4

Pack the LNB and switch using their designated cardboard inserts.

Step 5

Pack the remote controls using the designated cardboard inserts.

Step 6

Close up the box and secure the flaps using packing tape.

Apply Shipping Label and Drop Off

Apply the included shipping label over the original shipping label. In some cases, the original return label can be peeled off, reversed and reapplied to the shipping box. Consult the packing slip that came with your box for details.

Take the box to the nearest FedEx or UPS drop-off location. Check the label to determine which carrier service to be use.


Visit the FedEx or UPS website and enter your current address or ZIP code for a list of nearby drop-off locations.