How to Remove a DVD Stuck in Player

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How to Remove a DVD Stuck in Player
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How to Remove a DVD Stuck in Player. Finally you have time to relax. You pop that movie you have been dying to see into your DVD player and sit down to enjoy. For some reason the disk will not play. You push the eject button over and again, but the disk slot will not open. Here's how to solve that problem.


Step 1

Turn off the DVD player. Wait a few minutes, turn the DVD player back on, and then press the "eject" button. If this does not work, turn it off and unplug the DVD player.

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Step 2

Flip the DVD player. Remove the screws and take off the DVD casing.

Step 3

Look for the DVD holder inside the DVD player. This device holds the DVD in place while the DVD player reads the disk.

Step 4

Push the stuck DVD disk toward the front of the DVD player until the DVD ejects. Remember the DVD player is not on and some force must be applied.



Step 5

Replace the casing and the screws. Plug the player in and turn it on. Put another DVD in to test whether the player is working properly. Try the DVD that was stuck if you want to take the risk.


Read your warranty manual for other tips on removing a stuck DVD. If your DVD player is under warranty, bring the device to the store and ask a staff member to remove the DVD.


Be careful that you don't break the plastic tray holding the DVD when you try to release it.



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