How to Remove a Time Date Stamp on a Video

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Video cameras can have an option to put a time and date stamp on the video you record. If you are using the camera for more artistic projects, having the time and date stamp is more of a nuisance than a help. If you have this on your video, getting rid of it is possible but will probably not be clean.


Step 1

Change your camera setting. If you're still filming the video, the first thing you can do is look on the camera for a button or a menu option on the LCD screen to turn the time and date off. If your camera has this option, make sure it is set to not imprint on the video (as opposed to not show up on just the LCD screen).

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Step 2

Open a video-editing program like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas Pro. Capture or import the video file by going to the "File" menu and choosing "Import" or "Capture." You'll use capture by connecting the camera to the computer's Firewire port and turning on the camera and playing the video. If you already have the video file saved, import it by locating and opening it.


Step 3

Crop the image. You can't use a magic tool to just remove the time and date stamp so you'll have to hide it. If you use a crop effects tool, you can select the bottom portion of the screen to crop off and hide the date stamp if it is near the bottom and that portion of the video is acceptable to lose. Not to bend the proportions out of shape on the video, you'll have to crop some of the video out on the left or right side.

Step 4

Use a clone or blur tool. If you don't want to crop the video, you can try to make the date less noticeable. If you select a blur tool, you can drag it over the video where the date appears. That might draw unwanted attention, however. If your program has a clone tool, you can select an area near the stamp and copy it and put it over the stamp. This might look awkward as well, so you will have to choose the option that you prefer.