How to Remove Icons From the Taskbar

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Keep only the icons you use the most on your taskbar.
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Removing icons from the taskbar is the same for Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. The area of the taskbar that displays icons of currently running applications is often called the System Tray, or SysTray. Click the up arrow in the System Tray and select "Customize" to launch the Notification Area Icons screen listing all possible icons with drop-down menus for each. Select "Hide icons and notifications" or "Only show Notifications." Alternatively, drag and drop the icon you don't want from the System Tray onto the up arrow, or drop it directly into the Notification Area the arrow leads to. This works for all icons except Clock and Current Language Indicator. Some icons may reappear after a restart and are completely removed only when you uninstall the program.


Turn Icons On or Off

The System Clock and the icons for Volume, Network, Power and Action Center all appear on the Taskbar by default. To turn any one of these off, navigate to the "Notification Area Icons" screen and select "Turn system icons on or off." Alternatively, right click on the icon you want to turn off to navigate to the same screen.

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