How to Remove or Replace the SIM Card on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Example of the SIM card that is found in the Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have changed network carriers or need to replace the SIM card in your Samsung Galaxy Tab for another reason, you can do this in several simple steps. One of the major features of the Tab is its ability to connect to wireless carrier's networks, which enables it to access the Internet from nearly any location. The SIM card in the Tab is what gives the device permission to connect. Fortunately, no technical expertise is required to replace the SIM card and it takes just a few moments.

Removing the SIM Card

Step 1

Turn off the Tab prior to removing the SIM card.

Step 2

Locate and remove the plastic SIM card cover. This is located on the right side of the device toward the bottom when you hold Tab in the portrait orientation.

Step 3

Press down on the SIM card to eject it.

Step 4

Remove the SIM card by carefully pulling it straight out of the device.

Installing the SIM Card

Step 1

Turn off the Tab before inserting the new SIM card.

Step 2

Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot until it locks into place. Ensure that the gold contacts are facing downwards.

Step 3

Replace the plastic SIM card cover by pressing it back into place.


Take care not to bend or scratch the SIM card when it is out of the device as this can cause it to lose information.