How to Remove Your Information From "People Finders"

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You can keep your public information just a bit more private.
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Just a few years ago, if others wanted to obtain your public information, they often had to go in person -- or at least, write a letter -- to the place where the records were kept and make a formal request. These days, your information is available to others with a few clicks of a mouse, thanks to online directories such as PeopleFinders. Many people are uncomfortable with the fact that their personal information is so easily available, and they choose to opt out of appearing in such directories.

Step 1

Navigate to the appropriate page of the PeopleFinders website -- it's not easy to find from the home page or the site map, but you can get there directly by navigating to

Step 2

Enter your first and last name, and your city and state, in the appropriate boxes, and click on "Find My Listing."

Step 3

Wait for the search results to load. Depending on the size of your city and how common your name is, several results might appear. Find your name in the list of results, and click the box that says "This is me" next to the correct result.

Step 4

Click on the box that reads "Opt out my info" when the next page loads.

Step 5

Wait for the confirmation page to load. You will be shown some words to enter in a Catpcha box, to ensure that a real person is making the request. Enter the words and check the boxes indicating that you understand that you are blocking your information and that you have read the privacy policy and terms of use.

Step 6

Select "No thanks, skip this step" when the next page loads and you are offered to purchase a copy of your information,

Step 7

Wait until the final page loads. It will inform you that you have opted out.


If you haven't read the privacy policy and terms of use, links to these are provided near the check box.

PeopleFinders gives you this tip on the final page, once you've opted out and reach the last step of this process: "The request to block your records is being processed, and should be finished within the hour. In rare cases, you may find additional records on PeopleFinders that belong to you. If you wish to opt out those records, please follow this process again and select those records."