How to Rename a Hyperlink on a Word Document

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Writing in a notebook or on a piece of paper can be an ideal way to record information, but it provides a solely linear way to read back that data. Aside from flipping from page to page, readers can't really jump from place to place. This ability to travel instantly to new sections of a document is simple to create with electronic word processing, by using hyperlinks in programs, such as Microsoft Word. After creating a link-filled Word document, revise those hyperlinks with new names to suit the piece as desired.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Scroll to the section of the document with the first hyperlink to rename.

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Step 2

Right-click anywhere on the hyperlink, which is identified by a blue color and underline. You do not have to highlight the entire hyperlink.


Step 3

Select "Edit Hyperlink" to open the "Edit Hyperlink" window.


Step 4

Type a new name for the hyperlink in the "Text to display" window and click "OK." The "Edit Hyperlink" window closes, and you are returned to the document with the newly named hyperlink.




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