How to Repair a Cell Phone Microphone

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With a few tools and attention to detail, you can repair your cell phone's microphone at home.

A broken cell phone microphone can be inconvenient at the very least and render your expensive mobile device nearly useless. Getting it fixed at a repair shop or when the phone is out of warranty can cost more than the phone itself. Luckily, fixing or replacing a microphone yourself can be accomplished in a few short steps.

Troubleshoot the Software

Step 1

Reboot your phone to ensure that it is not a software malfunction causing the issue with the microphone. Take out the battery, wait 10 seconds and place it back into the phone to do a reset on most devices. Perform a test call to see if the problem has been fixed.

Step 2

Connect your phone to a computer using the phone's USB cable and check that the latest software version and drivers are installed. Uninstall the latest drivers if your phone was working fine until a recent software update, as the file may be corrupt or incompatible with your particular phone. If your phone does not have a USB cable or cannot be synced with a computer, take it to your service provider and ask them to do this for you.

Step 3

Connect a Bluetooth or hands-free device to make sure it is the phone's microphone that is malfunctioning. If, after making a test call, the person on the other end can hear you, then the cell phone's microphone is broken or defective and needs to be replaced.

Replace the Microphone

Step 1

Locate and purchase a spare cell phone microphone. Check sites such as Amazon and eBay for repair parts, buy a broken version of your phone and take out the microphone or look on Google for trusted sites that sell spare parts for repairs.

Step 2

Check these cell phone repair sites to see if a repair document customized for your phone model is shipped with the replacement microphone or if they have .pdf files or videos online available to walk you through the process. Alternately, look on YouTube, entering your cell phone model in the search box, for videos detailing the disassembly process.

Step 3

Remove the battery cover, battery and memory card from your phone and set them aside. Look for any small screws attaching the outer casing to the phone hardware and remove them. Place them in a small pile or a small container to keep them together, creating separate and ordered piles as you work.

Step 4

Use the case opener tool or something with a small, narrow edge to pry the case from your phone. Work slowly, looking for the presence of any clips or listening for any snaps. Set the case aside.

Step 5

Look for another set of screws that connect the frame and motherboard. Remove these screws and set them aside. Take the front housing off the motherboard and keyboard, if your phone has one. Look for the small, round black piece at the bottom of the phone, using your replacement microphone as a reference. Remove the old microphone, prying it loose if need be, and put the new one in its spot.

Reassemble the Phone

Step 1

Work backwards to reassemble your phone, taking care to line up all the grooves and slots in your phone, such as those for buttons or the antenna on the side of the phone. Tighten all screws as you work.

Step 2

Snap the outer casing back into place and tighten the exterior screws. Replace the memory card, battery and cover before rebooting the phone.

Step 3

Make a test call to try out your newly functioning microphone.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head and T6 star screwdrivers

  • Case opener tool or small non-marring flat edge


Use a small box with many sections, such as a pill organizer, to keep your screws and small parts from getting lost. This will also ensure you reinstall them in the correct order.


Opening your phone will void the warranty. Proceed at your own risk. Use care with all small pieces, as they are fragile and easy to break or lose.

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