How to Send Pictures From a Computer to a Cell Phone

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There are two ways to send photos from a computer to a cell phone.

There are two ways to get pictures from your computer to your cell phone. Both are fairly easy to do, but one is much simpler.


Step 1

Connect the USB cable to your computer. Plug the other end into your phone.

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Step 2

Open Windows Explorer.

Step 3

Find the drive that is designated as your phone. Then find the pictures that you want to send to your phone.


Step 4

Use the mouse to drag and drop the pictures onto the USB drive for your cell phone.

Step 5

Determine your cell phone's email address by contacting your service provider or sending an email from your phone to your personal email address.



Step 6

Compose a new email on your computer and address it to your cell phone address. Attach the pictures that you want to send.

Step 7

Open the pictures once your phone receives the incoming message. Save them to your phone.



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