How to Send Pictures From a Computer to a Cell Phone

By Tara Dooley

There are two ways to get pictures from your computer to your cell phone. Both are fairly easy to do, but one is much simpler.

Using a USB Cable

Step 1

Connect the USB cable to your computer. Plug the other end into your phone.

Step 2

Open Windows Explorer.

Step 3

Find the drive that is designated as your phone. Then find the pictures that you want to send to your phone.

Step 4

Use the mouse to drag and drop the pictures onto the USB drive for your cell phone.

Using Email

Step 1

Determine your cell phone's email address by contacting your service provider or sending an email from your phone to your personal email address.

Step 2

Compose a new email on your computer and address it to your cell phone address. Attach the pictures that you want to send.

Step 3

Open the pictures once your phone receives the incoming message. Save them to your phone.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sending your pictures from your computer to your phone through email is the easiest way to do it, but you should remember that, depending on your cell phone plan, you might incur charges.