How to Repair Dish Network Receivers

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Satellite TV comes into your home through a satellite receiver.

As with any home electronic device, there are problems that can surface with your Dish Network receiver. One of the most common problems with Dish Network receivers is that they can lock up or freeze, not allowing you to access any television shows or information through your satellite. However, when you learn how to repair Dish Network receivers your television system will be back up and running quickly, without having to call Dish Network to fix the problem.


Step 1

Make sure your Dish Network remote is in satellite mode. You can test this by pushing any button on the remote. If the "SAT" button in the upper left hand corner turns red, your remote is in satellite mode. If any other button lights up, push the "SAT" button in the upper left hand corner to put your remote in satellite mode. Test your remote again to see if you fixed the problem.


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Step 2

Go up to your Dish Network satellite receiver and push to open the compartment on the right side of the receiver.

Step 3

Hold the button labeled "Power, Hold for Reset" for several seconds until you hear the receiver shut off. It will boot up again on its own.


Step 4

Check your satellite signal to see if the problem is resolved. If not, continue on.


Step 5

Power off the Dish Network receiver using your satellite remote.

Step 6

Unplug your Dish Network receiver at the wall. This discharges static electricity build-up that can accumulate over time and cause problems with the receiver.

Step 7

Plug in your Dish Network receiver. Turn it on using your satellite remote and check to see if the problem is resolved.


Opening up your Dish Network receiver to work on the inside components will void your warranty. If troubleshooting your Dish Network receiver does not fix the problem, contact Dish Network and report your problem.