How to Repeat Header Rows in Excel

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Complicated Excel spreadsheets can span multiple printed pages, and without labels accompanying the data, the printout is often confusing. By default, Excel 2013 does not repeat data headers, which means subsequent pages present only the data without labels. Furthermore, Excel doesn't include the inherent column letters or row numbers in printouts. However, you can configure Excel's Print Titles settings to repeat your configured headers and optionally include Excel's column and row labels on every printed page, so you always know what data you're viewing.


Printing Headers on Each Page

Exit any cell that you're currently editing and ensure you don't have multiple sheets selected; either scenario will cause problems in the procedure. Click the "Page Layout" tab and then select "Print Titles" in the Page Setup group. Enter the rows you want to repeat in the "Rows to Repeat at Top" field using the format "$A:$A," or click the "Collapse Dialog" button to select the appropriate rows with your mouse. Enter the columns you want repeated in the "Columns to Repeat at Left" field. These options repeat the data header labels you selected. If you also want to include the column letters and row numbers, check "Row and Column Headers" in the Print section. Click "OK" to apply your selections.

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