How to Replace a Bluetooth Battery

By Dawn Gibbs

A Bluetooth headset is a small device that fits behind the user's ear, allowing him to have a hands-free cell phone conversation. Most Bluetooth headsets come with a small charger, but as with any battery-powered device, the battery eventually stops holding a charge. Replacing the batter on a Bluetooth is very simple.

Things You'll Need

  • New Bluetooth battery (varies by brand)

Step 1

Consult your Bluetooth owner's manual to determine the location of the battery door on your headset.

Step 2

Pop open the battery door on your headset with your fingernail, and tip the Bluetooth headset over so the battery slides out. Note the end that came out first--the positive or negative end. Discard the old battery.

Step 3

Insert the new battery with the same end facing outward. (Some headsets have markings on the battery door that specify the direction.)

Step 4

Snap the battery door closed.

Step 5

Put the headset on the charger and leave it there until the indicator light flashes that the battery is fully charged.

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