How to Replace a Philips TV Remote

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A lost or damaged Philips TV remote control can be replaced using two methods. Whichever path you choose, make sure the replacement remote has all the features you need to operate your other equipment connected to the television.

Step 1

Order a factory replacement TV remote control from Philips using the model number on the back of your TV set. The Philips consumer product support site is linked in Resources.


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Step 2

Buy a universal remote control and the batteries needed to power it from an electronics store or large retailer. Look for remotes that can control not only your Philips TV but the DVD or Blu-Ray player or VCR that you may have connected to your system. It is convenient to operate several components using a single remote.


Step 3

Program the replacement remote control using the 3-digit program code for your model of Philips TV. A listing of remote control codes is linked in Resources. The universal remote should also come with a listing of program codes for different brands of TV, DVD, VCR and Blu-Ray players. Although features vary with universal remotes, the basic procedure for programming the device is to press the Code button until a red LED comes on, then the button for the electronic component (TV, DVD, VCR) that you wish to program into the remote. Then enter the 3-digit code. The red LED should turn off if programmed correctly.




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