How to Program an LG TV Remote

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When you purchase an LG Electronics TV, you pair its LG Magic Remote with the new TV and then program the remote to operate your DVR, DVD, sound bar and other connected devices. Turn on the TV, point the remote at the TV and press the Wheel (OK) button to pair the remote with the new TV. Then program each connected device.


Step 1

Connect the device you want to program with the Magic Remote to the LG television and turn on the TV.

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Step 2

Click the Power button on the DVD, Blu-ray player, DVR or other connected device to turn it on.


Step 3

Click the 123 button on the LG Magic Remote to open a rectangular box with numbers from one to nine on the TV screen. Click on the Wheel at the top of the box. Select the To Set option, which opens a menu that displays "Set the Universal Control."

Step 4

Click the Additional Device Setting option that appears on screen to go to a new screen. Click the Start option, which takes you to a screen that reads "This function will only work with the Magic Remote."



Step 5

Click OK and a new screen appears that reads "Select the type of device that you want to set" and lists options for the type of device you want to set up. Click on the device and then click OK.

Step 6

Select the manufacturer of your device and click OK. When you are finished configuring the remote control, select Complete. The LG Magic Remote now controls the device you programmed.

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