How to Report Facebook Fraud

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Fraud is a form of deceit or trickery, and when carried out online via the Facebook social network, the site's administrators and moderators encourage you to report fraudulent activities. Facebook offers a method to report abuse violations, including security issues and compromised accounts, abusive content, fake profiles and other sensitive issues. The easiest way to report fraud or abuse on the site is to click the "Report" link when you encounter an abusive situation.


Step 1

Log into your Facebook account.

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Step 2

Locate the abusive content, such as a profile, photo or message.

Step 3

Look for a link or option labeled "Report." For pictures, the link is labeled as "Report This Photo." To a report a message, click the "Actions" button and then select the "Report/Block User" link. On a profile, it is listed as "Report/Block This Person."



Step 4

Follow the steps on the pop-up dialog box and enter all appropriate information. The more descriptive you can be regarding a fraud violation, the easier it will be for the Facebook moderators to investigate and pursue legal matters.



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