How to Reprogram My Vizio Remote

By Sarena Fuller

Getting a new HDTV or Blu-ray DVD player is a reason to celebrate -- until you try to turn it on with an outdated universal remote. Reprogramming can be a headache, but Vizio makes the process relatively painless. You can program the Vizio universal remote to control up to four different devices, and easily reprogram it when you buy a new component such as a flat screen TV. Reprogram your remote by entering the manufacturer codes listed in the user manual, or by using the search function that matches a new device with the correct code.

Step 1

Turn your TV, VCR or other component on manually. Push the "Setup" button on your Vizio remote and hold it until the indicator light flashes twice.

Step 2

Key in the numbers "992," then press the corresponding component button twice. For example, if you are programming your TV, press the TV button twice. This clears the component button so that you can reprogram the remote control.

Step 3

Press the correct component button on the remote once, then push the "Setup" button and hold until the indicator light flashes twice.

Step 4

Look in the back of the user manual for your manufacturer code, or visit the Vizio Support page and download the list (see Resources). Enter the code via the number buttons on your remote and wait for the light to flash twice. If the light does not flash, continue with the next code on the list.

Step 5

Press the "Power" button on the remote to complete the process. It should turn the device off. If it does not, clear the component button again, then press the matching component button once.

Step 6

Search for the right code by pressing the "Setup" button and holding it until the light flashes. Enter "991" with the number keys, the press the "Power" button, followed by the component button. Alternate between the two buttons until the device turns off.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to use the "TV2" button for any TV model that is not a Vizio.