How to Reprogram My Vizio Remote

The processes used to reprogram a Vizio remote are essentially the same as those used to program Vizio remotes for the initial setup.
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The processes used to reprogram a Vizio remote are essentially the same as those used to program Vizio remotes for the initial setup. The remote will connect to the television and take over controls when done properly with Vizio universal remote codes. The entire setup should only require a few minutes to complete once the steps are understood.

Program Vizio Remotes

Programming the remote is done through Vizio universal remote codes. In fact, most remote controls operate under the same set of instructions, with a unique code for each type of device. Simply locating the correct code and using it for the pairing process will complete the remote to television connection.

Turn on the television manually to get started. On the remote, press TV or Device and hold for five seconds. The light will blink twice and transfer to a solid light at this point. If the light does not hold, repeat until it works properly. Now, locate the appropriate code for your device. Universal codes are very easy to find with a quick internet search. You should write down this code before beginning the process to ensure easy access.

Enter the code on the remote keypad while the light is solid. The light will blink each time you enter a number. After the entire code is entered, the remote will accept the code by blinking twice and the light will shut off. At this point, the remote is reprogrammed to the television. Press the power button to test the remote. It will turn off the television and the controls will all function normally.

Troubleshooting the Remote

If the initial reprogramming process fails, repeat to ensure the code is entered properly. It can take a few attempts to program the remote properly. If all steps are followed perfectly and the remote fails, some basic troubleshooting is necessary to determine potential issues.

First, replace the batteries in the Vizio remote. It sounds too easy, but a weak set of batteries can interrupt performance and prevent the programming from taking effect. Repeat the process with new batteries and it may solve the issue. Next, make sure the remote has a clear line of sight with the television. Any furniture or objects obstructing the view can prevent the remote from functioning.

If the remote continues to fail, remove the new batteries, make sure the contacts are clean and return the batteries to the proper position. Simply running through the power cycle by removing and returning the batteries is often enough to get the remote back on track. If this fails and the remote will not connect, try a different remote to ensure the Vizio remote is the source of the problem and try pairing the Vizio remote with a different television to see if it works on other devices. The television may have issues and the remote is not the problem at all.

Vizio Remote Replacement

In the rare case that a used Vizio remote is not functioning, a replacement is the best solution. Remote controls tend to last for a very long time but they can fail. Consider contacting Vizio directly if the remote is newer or simply purchase a new remote for a fast and easy solution.

Vizio does offer a warranty program and will send you a new model if the broken remote is under warranty. The warranty applies to newer models unless you purchased extra protection at the point of purchase. Otherwise, updating and upgrading to the latest model means the remote will work perfectly with smart televisions and modern devices.