How to Reset a Computer Clock with Microsoft

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Microsoft Windows is one of the most widely found computer operating systems all over the world. It is used daily for personal and business task by millions of people. It is utilized for creating, communicating, learning and so much more. It can alert you to appointments or other "timed" activities, so it has to have the correct time to begin with. There are periods that you might need to reset your computer clock. You may have forgot to set it to automatically change for "Daylight Savings" or you may have recently moved. It may be off for some other reason, but you can easily take care of this problem. All you need to do is make a few adjustments, as detailed below to reset your clock and get back on schedule.


Step 1

Gain access to the clocks settings. You must first open Microsoft's Date and Time Properties. To do this click on the "Start" button and then select "Control Panel." When the Control Panel opens, click on the "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" icon (you may have to double-click to open it). Click on "Date and Time" or select "Change the date and time" under the "Pick a task…" area. This opens the Microsoft's Date and Time Properties. See Tips below for another way to access them.


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Step 2

Reset your computer clock. You will see a calendar showing the month and year and also a clock displaying the time both in visual form and written numbers. You can change any of the number settings by highlighting them and then typing in the correct number or by using the up or down arrows to change it (after it is highlighted). You will visibly see the actual clock shown, stop and reset to the new time. It will not begin again until you click on the "Apply" button.


Step 3

Finish resetting your computer clock. See Tips below for more adjustments you may want to make to your clock. Once all changes have been completed and the "Apply" button used, click on "OK" to close the Microsoft's Date and Time Properties box.


Step 4

Check the clock settings. Once you are finished, you should see the correct time being displayed on your computer clock located on the lower right side of your Microsoft Windows taskbar.



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