How to Fix a Facebook Time Stamp

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Facebook allows users to track when posts were made by automatically placing a time stamp below each member's comments as it posts on their wall. A time stamp denotes not only time, but also the date each comment was made. If the time or date on your Facebook posts are incorrect, you may think that the problem lies with Facebook. It may surprise you to learn, however, that it is actually your own computer that is at fault.


Step 1

Access the control panel on your computer. Find and select "Control Panel" from your computer's pop-up "Start" menu.

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Step 2

Click on "Control Panel." This will bring up the control panel in a separate window.


Step 3

Choose "Date, Time, Language and Regional Options." Select "Change date and time" from the "Pick a Task" menu. A calendar and clock will appear in a separate window.

Step 4

Change the time of the clock to the correct time. Choose "Time Zone" to switch time zones or to adjust for daylight savings time. Click on the "Ok" button to update your changes.


Step 5

Log off of your Facebook account.

Step 6

Log back on to your Facebook account. The time stamp will now display the same time and time zone as your computer.