How to Reset a Samsung TV to Factory Defaults

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Samsung's catalogue of powerful televisions provides users with an array of features and functionalities which extend well beyond the capabilities of earlier iterations. Although the team of product designers and tech experts at Samsung have worked diligently to create the most streamlined product possible, there may come a time when you need to restore your set's parameters to the default factory settings. Fortunately, a Samsung TV factory reset is relatively quick and easy. Learning how to reset your Samsung TV will provide you with a convenient troubleshooting method for any problems you may encounter in the future.


Try Self Diagnosis First

Before you commit to resetting your Samsung TV, you may be able to use the tools provided with your model to identify and resolve the problem. After powering on your set, press the "Menu" button on your remote control. Use the navigation buttons on the remote to select "Support." Next, select "Self Diagnosis" in the corresponding menu. From here, you can perform various diagnostic tests on features such as picture and sound, as well as signal analysis. These tools allow you to run checks on key areas before fully committing to a factory reset.


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Initiate a Samsung TV Factory Reset

If you're unable to resolve your issues using the "Self Diagnosis" tools, you can go ahead with a system reset. If you've turned off your television, use your remote to turn it back on and navigate back to the "Support" menu. From here, travel yet again to the "Self Diagnosis" menu. Instead of initiating a test, scroll down to the last item on the menu, labeled "Reset." Next, you'll need to provide a security PIN. If you haven't previously changed the PIN from its default setting, you can enter the number "0000" here. Once your PIN is accepted, a box will appear asking if you want to proceed. If you do, select "Yes." Your television may turn on and off several times during the reset process.


Implications of Your Reset

Keep in mind that, although a reset may be a quick and easy way to repair issues you're having with your television, you'll lose any and all settings previously saved. If this isn't a problem, you can commit to the reset and restore your television to its default parameters. If you prefer not to reset your television, you may need help from a qualified technician to resolve your issues.