How to Reset a Samsung TV to Factory Defaults

If your Samsung TV is having problems with things like display quality, loading apps or switching between media sources, a factory reset could be in order. The term "factory reset" refers to returning a configurable electronic device to its initial manufactured settings. Factory resets are useful because, if the device worked out of the box, it can resolve issues that stem from bad configuration settings and system changes. Running a factory reset may be faster than trying to troubleshoot through the Samsung TV's many settings menus. However, Samsung warns that factory resetting a TV will blow out professional calibration settings.

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Samsung TV Factory Reset

Samsung LCD models built between 2008 and 2011, as well as some other later LCD and LED models, hide the factory reset option from the user menus. You can access the factory reset menu through the remote control by pointing the remote at the TV set and holding the "Exit" button for 12 seconds. The process may take a little longer than 12 seconds and the TV's standby light should blink while you're holding down the button. Once the factory reset menu pops up, select "OK," wait for the TV to power cycle and follow the on-screen instructions.

Samsung Smart TV and Alternative HDTV Factory Reset

Samsung Smart TVs and many post 2011 LED models use a different factory reset process compared to the older LCD counterparts. If your set is not a "Smart" system and holding "Exit" doesn't bring up the menu, try this process instead. To access the factory reset option, press the "Menu" button, select "Support," choose "Self Diagnosis," select "Reset," enter the PIN (default is 0000) and select "Yes" from the pop-up window. Smart TVs will not clear network settings in a factory reset. To complete the process, let the TV power cycle and follow the on-screen instructions.

Samsung Smart Hub Factory Reset

Samsung's Smart Hub is a service for using Smart TV features, Web browsing and streaming apps. Smart Hub is also featured on Smart Blu-ray players and home theater hardware. You can reset the Smart Hub on a Smart TV by opening the menu, selecting "Smart Features," choosing "Smart Hub Reset" and entering the PIN (default is 0000). You can reset the Smart Hub on non-TV devices by opening the Smart Hub, holding the blue "D" button, selecting "Reset" and entering your pin (default is 0000).

Samsung TV Picture and Sound Reset

If you're having display or audio issues you may not need to run a factory reset to solve the problem. Instead, you can reset Picture and Sound settings independently of other settings. The "Picture" and "Reset" options can be found on the menu under the corresponding sub-menu. Select the "Picture Reset" or "Sound Reset" option and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.