How to Reset a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4200 Cable Box

Reset your Explorer 4200 if the interactive cable features stop working.

The Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4200 is a cable TV box that you can use to watch regular and high-definition TV channels. It offers interactive features, such as a digital TV planner and pay-per-view broadcasts. Like any digital device, the Explorer 4200 can encounter issues that require you to reset it, like freezes and failed online updates if your signal cuts out. There are two methods to reset your box, but try the second solution only if the first one doesn't work. Although unlikely, the second method might corrupt the operating software, as the cable box does not have the chance to automatically shut down its processes.

Use the Box Controls

Step 1

Try turning the power off by holding down the button on the far right-hand side on the front of the Explorer 4200 box. This can sometimes resolve minor issues. If it does not, you must perform a hard reset.

Step 2

Press and hold down both of the volume buttons, "Vol-" and "Vol+," located next to the power button on the front of the box.

Step 3

Keep the volume buttons held down and hold down the "Info" button, as well. This is the second button in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 4

Release the three buttons when the screen on the front of the box goes blank.

Step 5

Wait until the box has finished performing its reboot process, indicated by the current time displaying on the screen.

Step 6

Turn on your TV to make sure the box is working and you can use its interactive features. If it still not working, you will have to perform the alternative reset method.

Unplug the Box

Step 1

Remove the power cable from the socket in the wall the back of the Explorer 4200 cable box.

Step 2

Wait for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3

Plug the cable back into the wall and the Explorer box.

Step 4

Wait for it to run its boot-up process, then check that it is working by accessing the interactive features.


If neither of these methods work, contact your TV service provider or Cisco to arrange for an engineer to look at your box. You will void the warranty if you try to open the box.