How to Reset a Texas Instruments TI-82

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The Texas Instruments TI-82 is a graphing calculator this often used in high and college classes. It includes graphical analysis, roots and intersections. It also allows you to analyze a graph interactively while you view it. Every now and then, you may need to reset your TI-82 calculator if it is freezing or running into system problems. Resetting your calculator restores the default factory settings.


Step 1

Press the "ON" button to turn on your Texas Instruments TI-82 calculator.

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Step 2

Press and release the "2ND" button and then press the "+" (plus) button. You should see the operation printed in blue to the left above the next key that you press. Once you press the "+" button, the memory menu is displayed.


Step 3

Press the "3" button to select the "Reset" option. The reset memory menu is displayed.


Step 4

Press the "2" button to select "Reset." Your calculator is reset. The display contrast is also reset. If your screen is too dark, press the "2ND" button and then press and hold the down or up arrow button to make the display lighter or darker.



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