How to Clear Memory on a Ti-30XA

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The TI-30Xa is a scientific calculator made by Texas Instruments. This single-line calculator contains three memory stores labeled "M1," "M2" and "M3." Storing numbers in memory makes working with the same few numbers easier, letting you quickly pull a stored number back up for use. If you've got the solar TI-30Xa, you can quickly clear all three memories by pressing the "ON/AC" button. You'll also reset all three memories when you remove the calculator's batteries.


Step 1

Press the "ON/AC" button to turn the TI-30Xa on. If the top-left corner of the display reads either "M1," "M2" or "M3," a number is stored in the corresponding memory.

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Step 2

Press "0," "STO" and "1" if the number in the corner reads "M1." The upper-left corner should no longer say "M1."


Step 3

Press "0," "STO" and "2" to clear the "M2" memory. Pressing "0," "STO" and "3" clears the number stored in "M3" memory.