How to Reset a Uniden Cordless Phone Handset

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Reset your Uniden cordless phone back to proper working order

If you own a Uniden cordless phone and you're having trouble getting the phone to recognize its base, you can reset the phone in a few steps. If you bought a series of phones and you want them to be recognized by one base, you can also reset the phone to do so. You can reset your Uniden phone in just a few minutes and bring it back to working order.


Step 1

Remove the batteries. Turn the phone handset over. Slide open the battery door and remove the batteries from the handset.

Step 2

Enter the key code combination. Hold down the "#" and "*" keys at the same time, while re-inserting the batteries.


Step 3

Press the right-side menu button. These are the "soft" buttons which are unlabeled, directly underneath the display screen. The screen should now display "EEPROM CLEAR OK!"

Step 4

Place the handset on the base. The phone will now register itself to the new base and has been successfully reset.