How to Reset All Defaults on a Comcast Remote

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How to Reset All Defaults on a Comcast Remote
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Comcast remotes function like all manufacturers' remotes; they pair with devices according to specific device codes. When the Comcast remote is set up with a television, a specific code is entered that allows the remote and television to connect and interact. The pairing process is the same for associated devices such as the cable box and audio system. Resetting the remote to its original defaults results in an unpairing of the devices.

Reasons for a Reset

There are few reasons for resetting the Comcast remote control. If you change to a new television, you can simply pair with the new model and not reset the remote. If you add a television and want to pair the remote while keeping the older TV nearby, resetting the remote disconnects it from the old set and allows for a fresh start.

Problems with the control most likely stem from the television itself. If the remote requires troubleshooting, start by replacing the batteries. A low-power connection can slow down the remote. Otherwise, the remote is likely functioning normally unless it has experienced significant damage from being submerged in water.

Focus on the television itself for troubleshooting issues and consider a reset of the television before resetting the Comcast remote control. This cautious approach applies to all remotes. The reset Xfinity remote process or resetting any other brand and model is done after determining the television is functioning properly.

Reset Comcast Remote

When a reset is necessary, the process is relatively easy to execute. It removes the pairing, and the remote no longer controls the television. You can reprogram the remote to work with the same TV or with a different one.

The first step in a reset is activating the television control on the remote. You essentially place the control in an editing mode. Press the TV button on the remote and hold it down. Simultaneously press the OK button for a full second and then let go of both buttons.

When the process is done correctly, several lights undergo a brief flashing sequence, and then only the TV button remains lit. Locate the Delete button and hold it down for three full seconds to trigger blinking and shut down of the TV button.

Repeat this process for every device connected to the remote. The cable box, audio system, DVD player and anything else connected must be unpaired using the same process with the appropriate button. After disconnecting everything, the remote control is reset to the factory default settings.

Pairing of New Devices

The reset remote is ready to be paired with new devices at this point. You can use it with a television, cable box, satellite dish box, DVD player or an audio system. The opportunity to control multiple devices from one remote is an excellent feature.

To pair the devices, you need the pairing code for the remote. You can find this for specific models through a quick web search. Remote control codes are common and well documented.

After obtaining the code, press and hold the TV and Setup buttons at the same time. This highlights the TV button. Enter the code and press OK to accept the code and pair the television. Repeat the process for each device.