How to Resize a Chart in Excel

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How to Resize a Chart in Excel. A chart in Microsoft Excel 2007 can easily be resized to make the most impact to your worksheet. By resizing the chart, you can make the chart larger, smaller, wider or taller. All the content within the chart will be automatically adjusted to the size you specify. Follow the steps below to find out how you can easily resize your Excel chart with just a few movements of the mouse.


Step 1

Start Microsoft Excel 2007 and open an existing workbook that contains a chart or create a chart from existing Excel data.

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Step 2

Click on the chart you want to resize so it is selected. A light blue outline will surround the chart when it is selected.

Step 3

Point to one of the corners or edges of the selected chart where you see three small dots. Your mouse will turn into a double-headed arrow when you hover over the areas that you can resize.


Step 4

Click with your mouse on the edge of the chart where you see the three areas and drag the mouse either outward (to make the chart larger) or inward (to make the chart smaller.)

Step 5

Release the mouse button when you are happy with the resizing you have just completed. The chart will now be resized as you specified.

Step 6

Continue to click and drag the sides and corners of the Excel chart until you get it exactly the size you want.