How to Resize Images in Evite

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Evite offers a number of electronic invitation design templates to suit your event or social gathering. Many design templates include a placeholder where an image may be uploaded. The image size you upload must not be larger than 5 MB. If you need to resize your image, you must use a graphics program to make the adjustment before uploading the final image to Evite. Evite does not offer a feature allowing image resizing to the end-user, it only provides an image-cropping feature.


Step 1

Use a photo editing software program such as Windows Live Photo Gallery or Paint, which come with the Windows system. Open your image file and select "Resize" from the toolbar. In Windows Live Photo Gallery, it may be found under "Properties."

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Step 2

Input the dimension size for your image and save your file when you are finished.


Step 3

Click on "Upload Your Image" on the invitation design template in Evite.

Step 4

Click on "Browse" to select the image you wish to upload. The window will refresh with your loaded image and a transparent box at the upper left-hand corner.


Step 5

Click on the transparent box. Tabs will appear around it.


Step 6

Place your cursor in the middle of the transparent box and press down on your mouse as you drag it to the specific location of the image that you want to use. Expand the size of the transparent box by placing your cursor on one of the corner tabs as you press down on the mouse and drag.

Step 7

Press "Done" when you are finished selecting the image area to use for your invitation.

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