How to Restore iTunes: My Purchased Songs Were Deleted

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If your computer crashes or you inadvertently delete iTunes from your computer, it can be a frustrating experience. When you reinstall iTunes, some of your purchased music may be missing. ITunes has a policy that allows only one download of any music purchased from their store. Before you contact ITunes asking for a second download, try to manually load your purchased music.


Step 1

Reinstall iTunes to your computer.

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Step 2

Sign into iTunes using your previous user name and password. It is important to use the old user name; all of the songs purchased will be linked to the original user name.


Step 3

Connect your iPod to the computer using the sync cable. Do not synchronize your iPod. If iTunes asks you to synchronize, decline.

Step 4

Select “File” from the toolbar in iTunes. Scroll to and select “Transfer Purchases from iPod”


Step 5

Locate your music in the iTunes “Store” tab under “Purchased”. Drag and drop the music back into your iPod. Synchronize your iPod.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes

  • iPod

  • Sync cable