How to Restore Messages to Email Server

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Restoring emails to the web server takes some work.

Every email account has a web location known as the "server," which stores all your received and sent email messages. The email is delivered to the individual's post office protocol (POP3) account, which is a protocol used to retrieve the messages from the server for quick viewing on email programs such as Outlook. If, however, the individual has not specified otherwise in account settings, the emails won't save to the server and will only deliver to the POP3 account, thus saving only the "soft copy" of the emails. There is a way to restore these emails to the server with a little tweaking.



Step 1

Create a new (secondary) email account in your email server's profile—Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail, for example. Select the "Internet Message Access Protocol" account type. You should now have both a POP3 and an IMAP account.


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Step 2

Navigate to your email server's advanced settings, typically found under "More Settings." Place a check mark on the box that says "Leave Mail on the Server" or similar wording.

Step 3

Drag the emails in the server's main inbox into the inbox of the IMAP account. This syncs the messages onto both email servers so you have a "hard" copy of your emails again.


Step 4

Delete the IMAP folder from your inbox if desired. When setting up future email accounts, always check the box that allows you to leave mail on the server. Whether you download mail to your cell phone, another computer or any other device, you'll always have copies of all your emails on the server.

Things You'll Need

  • POP3 account

  • IMAP account